Entering my personal new year, I spent a lot of time self-reflecting by getting extremely familiar with all things that make me who I am today. I started to prioritize journaling into my daily self-care routine and in doing so my desires, core values, childhood traumas, revelations, strengths, faults, and dreams met the page. A lot of what I’ve learned in the process gave me a clear insight of what brings me joy, and what no longer serves the person I was becoming. By establishing what those things consisted of, it made me more intentional about how I wanted to lead my life moving forward. It made me a better communicator, more accountable, more compassionate, open minded, but it also fueled me creatively; it made me more ambitious. Once I was able to identify my core, I felt closer to my purpose. My life’s journey was filled with so much doubt, and I’m realizing now it was truly debilitating. Knowledge is power even of one’s self. Now that I know who I am, what I love, what brings me joy, and what grounds me in my purpose, I think it’s time I reintroduce bigg BLOOM. 

bigg BLOOM is harnessing and embodying your fullest potential. It’s no longer leading with fear of judgment or failure, but instead using that doubt as fuel to become your best self. Watered and nurtured seeds grow literally and figuratively. bigg BLOOM started because I believed there was a void in the market. I saw an opportunity to make something so simple, one of a kind. Pottery can be pretty bland. Plain terracotta does not tell a story. It does not always mirror our homes or our personal style, and instead it can fade into the background. 

What I didn’t realize until recently is that bigg BLOOM has always been a part of me. It didn't have a name then but that philosophy unknowingly influenced my personal style and my interior design choices. It’s taught me to always be resourceful, and create something special with little to nothing. By thrifting or painting, I was able to reimagine a lot of things that are commonly overlooked. The concept of harnessing your fullest potential does not require unlimited funds, but rather a vivid imagination and the will to bring it into fruition.  

Before parting ways from my boyfriend and I’s first apartment, I filmed and photographed a tour of our space. Though it seemed long overdue, I believe it came right on time. It made me look at that space with a different set of eyes. I poured so much of myself into that place, and we truly made it a home we were proud of. Nearly 5 years in that space and countless projects later, I didn’t know it then but I really bigg BLOOMed it up. I personalized a lot of affordable pieces by just painting and switching out hardware. I added artwork and filled it with plants adorned by my custom pottery. It was all a labor of love and everything I want to share here, in this space, will always be just that. Enjoy the images below of what once was my sanctuary, because this next place…TUH. (lol)

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