When I realized that my creations were becoming a demand, I knew I needed to solidify a brand name. I was creating and selling my weekly collections via my personal instagram account, @bigg_mich and grabbed the eyes of a few black creatives that wanted to collaborate. I was excited about the recognition and the opportunity to expand, but I felt like I would be doing myself a disservice if I did so before establishing myself and my brand first. What was really important to me was that the brand name embodied more than just what I was currently creating; hand painted planter pots. I saw my growth potential very early on, and didn't want my brand name to limit my offerings. I finally came up with bigg BLOOM nearly a year into creating and selling and it truly embodies all that I am and will become. I am a "big" package with big dreams, big fears, big ideas, big opinions, and who wants to live and lead a big life. I have so much to offer and bigg BLOOM is my stage to show it all. 

My love for interior design and home decor should not be a surprise. I am a lover of all things beautiful. I am a lover of all things expressive and creative. From music to fashion and from art to interior design. I've led a life studying them all. Despite this, I've been in rooms where I felt like I didn't belong. So this blog is my room. I made this safe space to share, to no longer feel like an outlier, but to be as big as I can be, unapologetically.  

I had the pleasure to create yet another room for yet another amazing creative. My sister, Myriam, like me, loves many things. Her spare room serves many purposes because of that. She asked for my help over a year ago to design a space that would be aesthetically pleasing but more importantly functional. She needed an office, a place for storage, a home for her plants and books, and a potential room for guests. That was quite the feat for the amount of space we were working with, but overall I think we are both pleased with the final results. Here's what she had to say about the space, about herself, and about what's to come. 

Introduce yourself! Who are you, what do you do, and what are your interests? 

My name is Myriam and I am a New Jersey native, New York transplant. On paper I am a production manager for television and digital content, but unofficially I am also a placebo therapist for friends and family. When I am not working, I am in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe. I also enjoy DIY projects, abstract painting, and trapping people into long conversations.

Describe your personal style in 3 words. 

I would describe my personal style as bright, comfortable, and colorful.

Most NY apartments lack square footage and storage, you lucked up! How do you utilize your spare room? How did reimagining the space create functionality for your everyday use? 

Before the pandemic, I referred to my front room as my walk-in closet since outside of it, my apartment only has 1 other closet for storage. Then, suddenly, I was living, working, and surviving in one space. I had to be intentional with the square footage of that room so that it could. become my "closet office." With a proper desk, I work primarily from this room unless traveling for a shoot or taking lunch in my dining room. I still store my clothing in the space, but out of camera view and on a much better looking clothing rack.

Before reimagining the space, there was no functionality in the room. If you think about your average storage space, you just put things in it until you run out of room. That was sort of what was happening until I realized 6 months into the pandemic that I needed to make some adjustments. I still get to use the space as I did previously, but now it looks like I belong here with everything else. 

I am so happy to share a glimpse of the bigg BLOOM services I hope to offer in the near future: interior design and curation. What can I say, things just got biggerrrrrrr. 

Thanks for reading! See you next time. <3





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